Our Teachers

kinchin-school-28The greatest asset of our school is the TEACHERS. Teachers at Kinchin School are highly qualified, quick learners and experienced in teaching domain. They believe in innovation and continuous growth for imparting high quality teaching to the students. Our preschool has designed a special program which equips the teachers with the best pedagogical techniques which facilitates better learning among students in the classroom.

Along with their academic qualification, one characteristic that all our teachers possess is the passion to teach the children with full effort. The teaching staff is very caring as well and are specialists in imparting early childhood education to the children. Our faculties have helped us in writing papers for college the giving best quality of early education for children in Udaipur, Rajasthan and also believe that little challenges are the stepping stones to big successes. They incorporate these little challenges in every sphere of learning and encourage independence, problem solving, creativity and discovery through an interdisciplinary step.

The sparkling jewels of our school are:-

Head of Institute


They are committed to motivate the children to develop their acumen and confidence. On the basis of Montessori system, our teachers give children life skills that go beyond kindergarten teaching. Their impeccable prudence, strong sense of zest and commitment to set up something really amazing has made us better today. If you have all the above mentioned qualities of being a good faculty, then contact us today and become the main source of high-quality teaching in Rajasthan.