Our School


Age- 6 months To 12 years

Time- 7:30 am To 6:30 pm

kinchin-school-18KINCHIN KIDS day-care centre is a heaven for working parents to leave their child whilst they are at work. Each teacher who is the primary care giver for your little one is a nurturing child development professional who is responsible for your baby’s formative times: those critical one-to-one moments of love, care, play, and communication. We are keenly aware of the precious moments of the infants’ first experiences in life. We know the value of human contact for the tiny tots. We help the children feel safe, feel loved and feel at home through every means. Through simple games and play activities, we lay the foundation for future development. We take care of your baby’s crucial developmental stage. Expert and loving care-givers take care of children before and after school hours. After school hours children are engaged in different activities such as dance, yoga and drawing. A multi-media room is especially designed for the day-care kids to watch documentaries and appreciate world music and cinema. We have spacious rooms tastefully decorated wherein the babies can move about, explore and enjoy without getting hurt. We take utmost care in cleanliness and take extra care to ensure a pollution free, calm surrounding for the babies.


Age > 2 years

kinchin-school-23Play-School is a stepping stone for small kids of age 2-3 years normally. So our facilitators help them adjust to the new environment, their tender hearts are nurtured with enormous love and care and are guided to become self – learners. The development of the child goes through a series of foundation processes which are implemented step-by-step starting with the basics and aim at achieving the ultimate goal of happiness- the starting blocks being love, care and security. There is a daily schedule in Pre-Nursery but we are flexible with timing. They will learn to tidy their toys, wash hands, dress for outside, sit in a group time and have a quiet rest period. This helps the children enjoy the independence of taking care of themselves.


Age > 3 years

kinchin-school-20Our Nursery classrooms are designed to explore 6 areas of learning; personal, social and emotional development, creative development, physical development,, language and literacy, mathematical development, and knowledge and understanding of the world. The classroom space is divided into interest areas or learning centers equipped for distinct kinds of play. The areas are chosen to reflect children’s natural interests. The purpose or goal of an Interest Center is to allow children to learn in the way they learn best: through play, discussion and practical activities.


Age > 4 years

kinchin-school-23LKG or Lower Kindergarten is the initial level of education for children as LKG is the class which starts creating or changing the personality of a kid from the roots because the kids go for the first time alone in the powerful world which is full of obstacles and hurdles. LKG is the very first step in the system of education and we all know that education is a never-ending journey. LKG is the most essential part of a student’s life because it is this stage at which kids start turning into students and it is this stage that makes them learn the basic manners and skills for the upcoming life. Moreover, the skills like communication, mathematical or learning skills that exist for a long time are the main goals of LKG class.
Our school tries to create the vigorous personality of kids as after LKG, they enter into the next level of education which is tough if a kid is not well trained in LKG.
LKG teaches a kid basic education which includes “Mathematical Numbers”, “Alphabets” and “Basic Poems”. More than that, a kid gets prepared to tackle his/her own world without any support. LKG prepares a kid to handle situations very easily.
Moreover, when a kid enters into the new world of education and into a new school with new friends, it is very important to make a good circle of friends and now it is in the hands of the student to make friends by using their communication skills.
That is why, LKG is important in a child’s life because of the beauty of long-term learning by crossing every hurdle on their own without taking help from their parents.
LKG is the best primary level of education and we know it as a fact because it is the very first level of learning by breaking all the obstacles of shyness and they enter into the world of school along with a responsibility on their shoulders.


Age > 5 years

kinchin-school-23Higher kinder garten children learn to read and write using creative methods. Their vocabulary develop and they learn basic matchs U.K.G student should know reading words and sentence aloud.
Children are taught methods using flash cards and interaction, written work, story telling social conversation to explore their creativity. Revision of English language basics.
Pre-schoolers learn social behaviour, natural learning behaviour.
A child in U.K.G at Kinchin Kids is prepared to class introduction sessions at all formal schools as well as immense effort is focussed in development of below mentioned key areas
Complete knowledge of writing an English sentence maths prenumber concepts, we introduce yoga to help our kids use their body in a healthy way through breathing meditation awareness and healthy movements.