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It’s Time to take wise decision – Select the best Digital Playgroup in Udaipur- Kinchin School

kinchin-school-20Selecting a good preschool or playschool is often seen as one of the most crucial decision for parents as it lays down the path of success for every child. Your big decision becomes easy with Kinchin School, which is regarded as the best DAY CARE, PRE-NURSERY, NURSERY, LKG AND AFTER SCHOOL in Udaipur, Rajasthan. The founder of the school is Mrs. Krishna Paneri, who made all the inputs and efforts to start the school and made it huge success. We see primary education as full of creative learning followed by perfect implementation of the same. The joint working with teachers and parents is the most essential part of our education philosophy. We never underestimate the power of young minds and have clear intentions to bring the best out of your child. The greatest asset of our school is the active participation of your child in our well-designed pedagogy.

Our Goal

  • To present you a structured and professional preschool program to nourish your child’s physical, emotional, intellectual and social advancement during his or her formative years.
  • To offer a child-centric environment which encourages self-esteem and competence.
  • To create the first step in laying the foundation for the growth of various skills in playing, writing and reading among the children.
  • To give all the children home feeling and educational cum entertaining environment to the child.
  • To foster enthusiasm and curiosity for learning among the children.
  • To create a wonderful environment wherein all the parents, teachers and children can work together for the development of the society as a whole.
  • Continuously upgrade the structure of the pedagogy designed for the mental and physical growth of the child.
  • Motor skill development- Walking, Running, Jogging, Rolling, Crawling, Climbing, Tossing, Catching.
  • Language development- Story time & rhyme time through multimedia presentations, puppet Shows and stage plays.
  • Music and Movement- Playing, dancing, singing, swaying, miming.
  • Basic Concepts- getting to know the colors and shapes in the environment through feeling, sorting, picking and showing.
  • Artistic Development- participating in playful finger painting, art and craft activities.

Our Philosophy

  • Proper attention to each & every child because they need time to develop.
  • Holistic education can easily cater to the need of every child.
  • Children need extra care and delivering it needs perfection in terms of curriculum.
  • Creating a learning environment coupled with studies and play.
  • Our students are the main focus of everything we do. By developing capabilities, opportunities and skills among the children is our main motto and we make sure we achieve it at any cost.
  • We value honesty, intelligence and give support to make this whole society a great place to live.
  • To guide the children to become aware of relationships that will ultimately lead to the power of abstract thinking.

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Team Members-

Sandhya Joshi

MA-Visual Art, B.ED, MA-Education

Preeti Vashistha